Personalized Martingale Dog Collar With Quick-Release Buckle

  • $29.99

Gentle and secure, the martingale style collar makes a wonderful choice for pups who often pull on lead or try to slip their collars by backing up! The smaller loop at the front pulls closed while on lead which snugly closes the collar around your pups neck. This reduces the pressure on one point of their throat and, instead, spreads it evenly. It also makes the collar more secure and prevents them from being able to slip their collar!

The quick-release buckle offers a quick and easy way to secure and release the collar for baths, the Vet, or in times of emergency!



We're happy to stamp your pups name on the collar! Please include the name you would like on the collar in the optional message at check-out. If you would like a collar without a name, simply leave the message blank or include "No Name."



For best results, please measure your pup just behind their ears.

Medium: 13 - 16 in.

Large: 16 - 19 in.

X-large: 19 - 22 in.

XX-large: 22 - 25 in.

3X-large: 25 - 35 in.

Each pup is unique, so if you need a custom size, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!



  • Personalized with your pups name
  • Choose from bronze, gold, or silver metal hardware
  • Customize your pup's collar in black or brown leather
  • Hand-dyed with skin-safe and eco-friendly leather dye
  • Water resistant
  • Oiled twice during creation to help soften the leather
  • 1 inch wide collar
  • Individually handmade by American Craftspeople


Leather Care:

To maintain soft and flexible leather, we recommend re-conditioning the collar with leather oil or bees-wax every 5-6 months of use or if the collar gets soaked.

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