Leather Bracers "Raven Wings"

  • $49.99

These wings may not give you flight, but they will add a mysterious aura to your armor! Modeled after a Raven's wings, these bracers reach from wrist to three quarters up the forearm. Customize yours with gold, silver, or bronze eyelets. We include black nylon lacing for tying the bottom.



One size fits all.


If a different size is desired, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to do custom orders.



  • Leather bracers themed after a Raven's wing
  • Made from handpicked 8-9 oz veg tanned leather
  • Tooled by hand
  • Dyed black with eco-friendly and skin-safe leather dye
  • Your choice of silver, bronze, or gold metal eyelets 
  • Black lacing included for tying the bottom
  • Individually handcrafted by American Craftspeople


Leather Care:

We advise re-oiling every 5-6 months with beeswax or a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and flexible.