Leather Corset Belt "Celtic Vines"

  • $74.99

Trimmed in celtic knots around hand-braided leather and completed with the Tree of Life at the center, this waist corset will surely make you feel one with the forest! The braids on the sides unsnap for you to hang pouches, water containers, or whatever else you'd usually hang on a regular belt.

Soft black, nylon lacing is included for lacing up the back.



Fits 27" to 33" waist.


  • Carved from handpicked 8-9oz vegetable tanned leather
  • Braids on the sides unsnap to allow use like a regular belt
  • Trimmed in celtic knots and completed with a Tree of Life stamp
  • Soft black lacing included
  • Hand-dyed with skin-safe, eco-friendly leather dye
  • Oiled twice during creation for soft leather
  • Water resistant
  • Individually handcrafted in the US

Leather Care:

We recommend re-oiling the leather every 5-6 months of wear, to keep the leather soft and supple.